Shipping and return policies for Aenaos Records

Shipping Info
(1) Aenaos Records shall deliver the ordered goods to the address specified by the customer during the order process, if possible immediately after the customer has submitted the order to Aenaos Records respectively paid the order. Aenaos Records shall be entitled to make partial deliveries. Arising costs are at Aenaos Records's expense. Furthermore Aenaos Records shall be entitled to charge additional shipping fees, if the customer wants to receive a partial delivery.

(2) Shipping shall be carried out at the shipping costs stated in each particular case in the order confirmation.

(3) Deliveries by Aenaos Records shall be carried out with the reservation that Aenaos Records itself will be supplied completely and in time and is not responsible for non-availability. In case a certain article or substitute is unavailable, Aenaos Records shall be entitled to refuse the delivery. Aenaos Records shall notify the customer about the non-availability. The probably already paid purchase price will be refund immediately.

(4) Delivery periods stated shall be non-committal and only approximate, as far as a delivery date has not been bindingly agreed.

(5) Aenaos Records reserves the right to deliver limited available articles in quantities commonly used in an average household only.
Return Policy
(1) Customers may revoke the contract by returning the goods within 14 days from receipt of the order without stating reasons.

(2) The two-weeks revocation period shall commence upon receipt of the order and this instruction in text form. Punctual dispatch of the received unused and undamaged articles to Aenaos Records shall be sufficient in order to revoke the contract concluded with us.

(3) Consequently the concluded contract will become irrevocable effective after expiration of the two-weeks revocation period.

(4) The customer shall bear the costs of the return consignment, if the price of the returned articles does not exceed an amount of 40,00 EUR, unless the delivered articles or services were not the ones ordered. If the price of the articles exceeds the amount of 40,00 EUR, Aenaos Records will reimburse the costs of the return consignment. Aenaos Records shall not accept freight forward returned shipments. They will be returned to the customer at it's own expense. Therefore return consignments have to be sufficiently stamped. Freight forward shipments and deficiencies of postage shall be regarded as not orderly returned and might not be considered as returned within the revocation period, unless Aenaos Records exceptionally accepts the return consignment. On revocation by the customer, Aenaos Records shall reimburse the purchase price and the usually incurring shipping costs using by Post or DHL. Costs for other carrier shall not be reimbursed. Customers with residence outside Germany shall bear the full expenses of the return consignment itself.

(5) If articles are returned damaged or destroyed, the customer shall reimburse Aenaos Records for the depreciation or the value of the returned articles. The customer bears the transportation risk of the return consignment.

(6) In case of revocation after delivery of goods, Aenaos Records shall reimburse already made payments after receipt of the return consignment. Already reimbursed costs of the return consignment shall be deducted from the amount to refund. For payments to bank accounts outside Germany, possibly incurring costs for the transfer shall be deducted as well.

Costs and risk of the return consignment have to be beared by the customer.